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Eye Anatomy

What makes up your eye?

  • Cornea:

    The cornea is the transparent outer window of the eye, and helps focus light.

  • Iris:

    The iris acts like the diaphragm of a camera, contracting and expanding to control light intake. This is the colored part of your eye

  • Pupil:

    The pupil is the dark part of your eye. It shrinks and expands and is controlled by the iris.

  • Lens:

    Behind the pupil, the lens focuses light on the retina. It is soft in persons under 40, but can become hard later on. This is called presbyopia, and it makes focusing more difficult.

  • Retina:

    This membrane lines the back of the eye and contains photoreceptor cells.

Putting it all together

Light enters your eye through the cornea, pupil and lens. It is focused on the retina and read by the photoreceptors. The result is read by your brain as an image!


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