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Acrysof Implants

Correct your vision with advanced lenses


As we get older, our ability to focus on things at different distances begins to fade, forcing some of us to rely on bifocals and other vision aids. This can be corrected when you invest in Acrysof ReSTOR lenses.

Like other replacement lenses, Acrysof ReSTOR lenses are put in place during cataract surgery. Unlike other lenses, however,  the Acrysof ReSTOR lens lets patients see from near to far usually without glasses. Most Acrysof ReSTOR patients find that they can read a book, work on a computer, drive a car - day or night - and play golf or tennis with an increased freedom from glasses.

Another visual impairment that can accompany cataracts is caused by astigmatism. This too can be corrected with an advanced lens, the Acrysof TORIC  implant especially designed to neutralize the effects of astigmatism. This lens helps keep images from being distorted following cataract surgery thus reducing reliance on glasses.

Get real results

older-ladyIn clinical trials, Acrysof ReSTOR lenses were effective for more than 80% of patients! Say goodbye to glasses and hello to clear vision.

The Acrysof TORIC lens has been successfully implanted in more than 25 million eyes since 1991.

Correct your vision with advanced lenses

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See clearly again with great lenses

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